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The growing awareness among health professionals of the issues related to disinfection and sterilization in health facilities, whether public or private, leads us to the need to implement a quality system where the organization and traceability of Procedures is of particular importance.

Sterilization is essential in the prevention of risk associated with cross-contamination between individuals. The use of this software is intended to ensure the processing of all sterilizable materials necessary for the provision of health care, ensuring technical quality and optimization of resources, distribution of sterilizable materials complying with stipulated shelf life, registration of the sterilizer, physical parameters, The code or name of the user, the specification of the load, the tests used (chemical indicators).


Some options:


The destruction or total removal of micro-organisms is a different concept of disinfection. However, this function aims to control and organize all the processes related to sterilization (cycles, sterilized materials, validities and labeling) as well as to alert the importance of disinfection.

Medical appointment

Through this option we can keep a record of the consumption of each patient, time of consultation, amount of anesthesia administered and maintain a history of course of sterilizable materials.


The input of consumables is done through this option. By logging all purchases, all exits and keeping the counts up, we have a permanently updated inventory.


It is recommended that there be monitoring of sterilization through tests, whether chemical or biological indicators. The Bowie & Dick test is a class 2 chemical indicator whose purpose is to evaluate the vapor penetration and its effective distribution within the autoclave chamber. Biological indicators are used to confirm the elimination of bacterial spores during the sterilization process.


There are several reports that allow you to consult information and provide it to the right person. Of course it is important to control the cycles, validities, appointements, inventory, etc.

User Management

It is important to record the operations of each user for the entity and for the user. This registration together with the access levels give the program a greater security and reliability to the obtained data.



System requirements

OS: Windows 7
Free space HDD: 1GB
Resolution: 1024x768
Label printer Zebra GK420t
Carbon ribbons  Zebra 5095 - 64mm x 74m
Label 50mm x 20mm


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